Lost my rewards for the last solo lvl up


I logged on to claim my rewards from the last solo level up tournament when i ranked as 56. After claiming the rewards from my mail i went to open the lucille tokens wheel. Than the loading took for a while and after that, the game rebooted, leaving me without lucille tokens and 5* star recruit tokens as well and the mail on the rewards section is empty


Did u message support?


Yes i did. They came with some solutions that didnt work


This happens to me all the time. I would say try checking for new gear/toon in your inventory/roster but that would be impossible. Dont even ask support for help because they’re no help at all


They say my prize is still in the inbox but i cannot see it


Just wait a bit. I switch between my phone and iPad quite a bit. However, the rewards is not updated accordingly in the inbox. It will show that my rewards are still in my inbox despite collecting on my phone. So when I try to collect that same reward on my iPad, the game resets and I don’t get that reward. Any other reward in my inbox is temporarily hidden until the system catches up and those rewards show up after time.