Lost my account

So can i just suscribe and unsuscribe it immediately? ( i know it’s a waste, but recovering acc is much more worth it)

Yup thats what I did

I’m gonna test it out, i hope it works!

Actually, do i still need to remember my old acc’s code?

Sorry I misread up there. You will need it on ur lost account

But you can’t do that now

Why so?

Yes you would need ur old account code

I’ve started a new game and messaged support from it and gave them the account code and receipt to the account I wanted to retrieve and they just switched my lost account back on the new game

Because they use the receipt to track the account via transaction info. If u didn’t have a receipt from ur old account there’s nothing linking to it

So i can only use receipts i get from my old account? If that’s the case then i’m doomed.

I’m afraid so yes. If u did the free trial on a new account that would just show them the new accounts info

Dangit, I guess my account is a lost. Thanks for telling me this tho. Next time ill save all my information just incase things like this happened. Still tho, it sucks to lose a huge progress in the game. I hate customer service that treats only p2p players


After you take a screenshot of ur new account code back it up to Google drive or save it in ur line keep immediately

That’s how it is. I’ve had lots of account troubles and even told them ways to improve on it to cut down on lost accounts but they don’t care enough to better it.

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