Lost my 4* Weapon

So , as I casually got home from work , I decided to quickly burn through my world energy by using a few tokens ( bronze) on a 23.8 as I always do , surprisingly I get a 4* Michonne sword , as I was celebrating my game crashed and bammn … energy reset … weapon gone … funny enough not the 1st time this happend ! Heartbroken … Screenshot_2018-02-24-00-18-30|690x388


Damn, breaks my heart😿

You’re lucky your energy reset… I’ve been rekt so many times due to game crashes…

50% of the time, when my game crashes, everything is restored back to original game state right before the crash. I’m fine with this. It can be unfortunate if something positive happens right before the crash. At least there is no advantage/disadvantage when your game reloads.

The other 50% of the time I’ve lost energy and rewards. Most recently, I bought 1 broken heart bag for 450 coins. I pressed open, sat on the loading screen for 3 mins then the game crashed. Once reloaded, no bag in my inventory, no broken heart tokens added to my total but the game reset logic was kind enough to remember I had spend 450 coins.

Long story short, multiple messages with support - no resolution, RIP 450 coins.

Other times I’d be mid raid during territories, game crashes, energy deduction but no raid result. I don’t even send ticket reports to support anymore for energy loss. Just cop it on the chin and keep surviving.

They really need to make a change in their game crash scripts. Game seems to be selective as to what is restored after reload.

To be completely fair to players, if the game crashes (no fault of ours), game should rewind 100% Whether it’s raids, purchases, stage rewards, event reward claims or territory management.


True that , your rant was my actual rant , copy and pasted . Hope Scopely fixes the crash scripts , myabe servers itself

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How about having your weapons go missing after claiming a weapon from earl and everyone you tell says you broke them down even thou they cant identify that I had these special stat weapons in the first place but yet continue to tell you what u done days after my weapons went missing. Sorry this brings back memories from a issue I had with scopely and their CS. Still pissed over it.

I lost a crit success abs def in nearly the same way… they do nothing to help lol

Probably be like sorry try again , had the same issue with a red stun first and last , never even got it