Lost energy due to game crashing should be compensated


The amount of times the game crashes when someone removes your team from a territory is so bad right now, it literally crashes your game no matter where you are in the game … a Raid, farming etc

Ive literally spent my last world refill (due to depot refresh being so bad) and me farming the last stage @20 energy each run crashes twice in a row, costing half of that refill.

This is so bad and just another constant bug that is being reported but not being acknowledged at all.

This happens all the time in territories also, not even when someone removes your team, it happens when i place a def in somewhere but the game doesnt recognise my def in there although it has it on he screen, just says / rather than 3000/3000 then it just goes to walkers and i have to get it again costing about 3=4 more energy


did you really need to make more topics?

Last CRW Rewards versus Milestones

Stop viewing his topics then 4 head


what does that mean @BigBrain


One was for morgan pausing the game glitch and this one is for the game crashing due to territories glitch whereas you get taken out of an area it crashes your game to the main screen

2 separate issues

and what’s the matter with me posting any number of problems with the game?


because you post wayyyy too many topics, you sound like the boy who cried wolf, every little thing even if it has been brought up before needs a new post from you


Simple … don’t read them

i only post waaaaaay to many topics because there is waaaaay too many problems with the game


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