Lost all my candle and cake scores after transferring to another region


@JB.Scopely please help me, yesterday I moved to another Region with my friends and only me got this problem, all my cake and candle scores got reset

I also exchanged full of those Items in museum :

Region : BUTLER (EN)


Wait awhile the candles score will come back and show up again. Its common


it’s been a day I’m still waiting and nothing changed


Why didn’t you just wait event is almost over is my question


Takes up to 72hrs.


I didn’t expect that happened to me, I moved with my friends and I’m the only one who got this problem


No… this event will close after 12 hours :cry:


You should have timed your transfer better. Hope for the best now


Thank you ! :cry:


Mine took 2 days to come back, best of luck man. It says up to 72 hours tho


I lost it too and forgot to ss it because of that stupid bug what make you cant see score. So I went back to my old region creating new account, its still there. But I don’t know will it transfer to me or no. And I got another guy said that I can ask support to transfer them to other region


Thank you ! I didn’t see the notes :frowning: my bad


Thank you for the information but I think it’s too late now only 5 hours left
let’s pray for the best, prepare for the worst :confused:


Support sorted me out when i transfered a couple weeks back, but it took a few days to deal with.

rewards tokens ended up in my old region, create a new baby account there collect any rewards but dont spend them, and support will move for you. eventually.


Ah I got what you mean, thank you for the information :slight_smile:


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