Lost all effort to argue about the balance problem

Well scopely isnt listening to anyone so what’s the point anymore? Its been a year now


What’s the problem?

If they wanna kill there game.

Go right ahead.

Just trying to get out to all the other people who just keep trying for no reason

Myself included

If you say so

It’s been more than a year, balance was an issue before 6 stars

Tbh it wasnt too bad back then now its just crazy

I’m pretty much at the same point as you are. I’ve been here since the start and have been a fairly regular commenter/ fan content creator on here in that time, but I’m thinking I might post a balancing thread and then call it quits here real soon.

This is how i see the balance problem.

After 3 years and completing the snow ball event now I’m just getting in the game every other day, they better figure out a way to keep free players interested or I doubt I’ll be here one or two months more, anyway this power Gap is just monstrous so I doubt there’s any way to save this game anymore rip road to survival you guys finally did it

Lol the way to save it for them is to reset the game to make epic legendary 7*’s

Then this guy is gone.

The worst part is having them/CM’s saying all the feedback is relevant for the future and changes would be made.
It doesn’t get better and we’re right where we started with the whole power creep that broke the game and made 6* appear.
The only changes they care about is in the OFFER section (which they go as far as to call these ‘‘events’’) so manipulating the game into making players spend is the goal. Just don’t throw coins in their basket and take time to play the game full F2P and see how bad it can be. Having to pass on multiple wheels and having maybe 1/2 pulls on ‘’’’’’’’‘event’’’’’’’’ wheels where war is the only place giving tokens.
The roadmap was changed so that they could do a lot more rodmaps but are they?
They used to give out toons for completing story maps but never again.
Just pumping in premier after premier (revives & shields mostly) is what matters to them. They are not gamers & they are not good content developers.

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