Lost Account while changing phones :(


hello, i changed my phone, and i heard if i link my account on my facebook i can keep playing on this new phone, but i made huge mistake, as game forced me on my new phone to do first tutorials, i accidentally linked that new account on facebook, and when i tried to link my real account on my old phone it just restarted game with that new account and i left with nothing, and if i would like to play this game i would have to start from all the start and this is just enough for me, is there any possibilty to get my account back or i will have to stop playing this game, i have the IP adress from where i played mostly and i know almost all characters i had. I gave a lot of time for this game and starting again is not an option. waiting for your helpy answers :slight_smile:


somehow on my new phone game loaded my old account and on my old phone it won’t load old account O.o


A common problem at the moment due to people changing devices over Christmas. It’s been mentioned elsewhere on the forum that support has changed their recovery policy and are asking for proof of in app purchases, if you have those you may have a chance.