Lost account troop region

I do factory restart to my phone I download the game and I cant log in with my account I log in with facebook and google but I have a new account what I must do now to take my account back?

Did you play through the tutorial and then try to link your acct to Facebook?

Yes fb and google

Ask @kalishane if she can help you. If u played through tutorial it should have worked. Support will have to recover it for you now I guess. Good luck, hope you get it back.

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If you can log into Facebook you should do that and double check in the settings and apps that you have attached to Facebook and make sure the Walking Dead is showing there if you refactory your phone Google won’t give you back the data but it will give you back the image he is correct you have to go through the tutorial once you’re done you go to the options and click on the tab and Link it to Facebook and I’ll give you the warning if it’s going correctly before you restore it


If not I guess I’m praying that you’ve purchased recently for your game you’ve and orde took screenshots of your code and team Hell I know some that take shots of their weapons as well cuz you will be talking to support

S*** one last thing you’re sure the story is cracked right you’re going from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone you’re not going from an Android that you lost or got wet and going to a new iPhone because support is going to be your direction Eli can we split that up until 3 replies

I have Android…I will try somethink if it not work we are ok ill just stay like this with the new acc

Ok gl.
I hope the account wasn’t built.no need to start over I hope.if u do start in a new fresh region.not a old region