Lost account stuck in region and can’t change



So my names the theconfusedfox and im from the region Putnam, and my factions Blood 4 Blood. I lately reset my phone because it was playing up on me and I have line and I sent my account code to A guy named Sean in my faction now It won’t let me log into line anymore so I can’t get that information at all and I’m stressing out because I’m stuck in a region and it won’t let me choose another region could anyone at all be of any help and see if they can message a member of b4b and get there line code so I can create a new line account and get that walking dead account code could anyone contact them or something it would be really appreciated please help. Thank you.


Has anybody helped you with this yet?


Nope Not yet


You’ll have to wait until Monday at the latest. They’re gone for the weekend.


There is a problem at the moment ,I’ve transferred my account to new phone but it’s disappeared, have been given a lvl 2 account,been advised that customer support are inundated with major problems could take weeks for them to rectify issues


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