Lost account, failed to relink

I¡m having problems re-linking my account to facebook. Im level 122 and i cant get to open that account. HELP MEEEEE

Open a ticket with in game support from the device you want your account on. Ask them to transfer your level 122 account to that device. They will ask for proof of ownership in the form of a receipt showing a purchase.

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And if the player has never made a purchase on the game? How can he recover it? A player from my college had a problem with his FB account and can not connect anymore. And I know he never bought anything .

If you don’t have a ticket give them a snapshot of your account code, player name you used in game, and region you’re in. That should work.

Thank you, I hope he will be able to recover his account.

No it won’t if you go by any other person on this game that’s f2p. There’s even a recent post of someone who has all info and support refused to relink his account unless he has a receipt, which doesn’t exsist because he doesn’t spend.
Anyways op I hope you have at least purchased something and have a receipt to get your game back.

Yeah I’ve heard that as well, however when I looked to see if mine was there I couldn’t locate it.

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Ikr? It doesn’t exist in the Google history, plus you can’t bring up the receipts either, so Im not sure where its located. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find. It only shows what you purchased, not the receipt unless its hidden in your email.

If I understand correctly, despite the months he spent on the game, if he has not bought anything and if he does not have his game account (honestly who knows his account code), he has no chance to to recover his account ?

Thats not true bc people in my former faction never bought anything and still got account back without receipt, but that was before so I may be wrong. Now they want receipt to reduce fraud and theft in game

I never purchased anything in the game… I’ve already tried to contact scopely via mail. Waiting for their response. I dont know my account number but i have screenshots of my team. I’ll try @LadyGeek’s solution. Thanks to all!!

Scopely recovered my account for me before.
I just showed support two receipts, and they gave it back.

From what I understand via threads on here in past few months that they now require some sort of receipt. I’ll look for post. They say giving account info isn’t enough due to people who try and sell or give accounts to others and just give them an account code, toon info ect. It’s just as each to send someone a shot of some Google receipt with a purchase.
Actually there’s a current thread on here that says “proof scopley is forcing people p2p” due to an issue of a f2p not being able to get his account back.

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Since im f2p i believe im screweddd… ive sent a message via the in-game support. due to holidays they havent responded yet. if i cant recover it, so long twdrts…

If your android user go into Google play hit top left tab, then account, then purchases scroll down thru that tab and see if you find anything from game. I looked back and found as far back as the 1st 30day pass I got however I never did find the recipeit for downloading the game as some mentioned above

I’ve looked at my order history as well. Nothing from downloading any game or app, just actual purchases.

If you did the free trial of the survivor club, that should’ve generated a paper trail. Maybe that will work?

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They replied that they will contact me… Didnt join the survival club, checked google play and zero notifications poped out. Since ive never bought anything ever… Anyway… thanks guys, at least the forum tries to solve your problems.

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