Lost 5k summer tokens thanks to mesh10000

I know everyone’s getting the error but I didn’t get it before I logged in and went to pull my tokens and it popped up the error instead of my pull. Do I stand any chance of still having those rewards or is all hope lost?

2 years ago I drew Jesus Shield from single pull. I was recording this, because apart from that I opened a lot of 5 * tokens and prestige tokens. but some error popped up and Jesus shield disappeared from my roster. I sent a scopely video, but they claimed I drew 3 * Timothy not Jesus. the account code was even visible on the video. it did nothing … this company is terrible, can’t admit mistakes, even if someone has 100% certain evidence.

Yes there’s a good chance you’ll get them or have the summer tokens still, I believe you can message support to verify they were recieved if the summer tokens are gone

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