Lost 14 gold tickets due to Scopley fail

Soooooo, last week due to a bug that affected other players as well, we lost our gold tickets and the opportunity to compete in the Arena Championship.

The timer was still up for us, but others were allowed to compete and end the event. I submitted a ticket, and 3 canned responses later, they FINALLY READ THE DAMN complaint. Which, they basically blew me off, and gave me the BS “we will check into this and tell the developers”.

A week later … Nothing. I want my $$$ and coins lost for their screw up.

Scopley does have a SLA Service Level Agreement, and it is time we enforce it.

Sadly in most peoples minds, scopely and other companies like amazon, walmart, google, apple, etc are these gods that can not be touched and are allowed to do what ever they want. The people have no idea, they have all the power.



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