Loss of game progress

Hello how can I contact a moderator here please?

ladygeek can help you

@LadyGeek @GR.Scopely @TayTron @JB.Scopely

I’ve been in touch with him. Support says they can’t help him because he’s in a different location. Nothing else I can do.

I give all the information to scop and he does not want to do anything more
I am looking for someone competent, and not a henchman of the game’s assistance

Lmao, good luck with that…

thank you, it’s really crazy to have such incompetence at the level of assistance

They will not do anything. I’m still waiting for some answers since the 14th July.

Check my post Scopely simply have stolen my account

For the record: @LadyGeek Different locations my ***. They are just incompetent scammers.

I wonder if this is not done on purpose

except that I give my account to anyone it’s a facebook hack @kookland

No skilled “hacker” highjacks your FB account just to steal a mobile game account since there are no financial data or logins attached to your game profile without having the phone to it.

How does a scammer knows that this is even the right FB profile which is attached to the preferred game account? I would be more concerned about everything else aside of a mobile game when my FB was compromised.


Maybe someone stole his facebook for this tinder matches and got lucky that he had a RTS account too

Honestly I do not know, through the game it’s not possible because nobody has my codes so the only option is facebook

at worst the subject is not there, it is especially the incompetence of the moderators to give me back my account

Stop trolling people that got their account stonen by scopely. Pls. Really.

Get in touch with Facebook and get confirmation of the breach. Screenshot or print to PDF all correspondence with them. Get an app called mobizen and screenrecord your inability to access your account. Then screenshot the refusal of scopely support to help you.

Get in touch with Google play or Apple and get a full refund by sending them all of your evidence. They will do what they can, but you may have to get a charge back from PayPal or your bank, whichever you use if you’ve ever spent any money.

If you’ve never spent money, good for you. Just walk away. If you were a coin loader, sorry but it’s your own damn fault and deserve nothing back and won’t get any of it back.


The moderators’ incompetence? There’s nothing I can do. Support can see logs, I can’t. I can’t tell if you’re lying or they’re mistaken. And regardless of which it is, it has nothing to do with the forum moderators. We manage the forums, not game accounts.


no matter what you think here if cheaters caught or just a very strange hack by some one else but you can not be so dense to say that scopely is stealing accounts that is just nonsense

The person that’s writing in your first screen shot… that just his opinion no? How does he know that as a fact?

Not an opinion its been happening for a fair bit and as late fair few posts of it happening to others