Losing While Winning ;(


@kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan and everyone else that has anything to do with scopely,

I just lost one of my most trusted co-leaders whom I played with for the past 2 years+, when I asked him why, all he had to say to put me speechless and unable to change his mind was:

“its not fun anymore, its a chore that never pays up.”

Prize structure is literally killing everyone’s will.
That is a guy that loved the game. great teammate, great person, dedicated and smart.
I seriously feel screwed by scopely.
I have never been a forum nagging type of guy but this is well over my patience.

With my best wishes bro - Good luck

Again - big thx scopely!


@UR-Nightmare, @kalishane también estoy aburrido del juego, ya todo esta siendo monótono, siempre lo mismo, malos premios, debería existir ruleta de 5 pero todos ascendibles, no sirve ganar fragmentos de 5, sino puedes conseguir un siddid azul, un carl, una shiva, scopely esta haciendo lo que no se creía hacer un juego monótono y aburrido, solo las guerras de región aun me mantienen con ganas de jugar, ya que mi región tampoco hay mucha actividad el juego muere poco a poco.

@UR-Nightmare, @kalishane I am also bored of the game, everything is being monotonous, always the same, bad prizes, there should be 5 roulette but all are ascetable, it is not good to win 5 fragments, but you can get a blue siddid, a carl, a shiva, scopely is doing what was not believed to make a monotonous and boring game, only the wars of region still keep me wanting to play, because my region is not much activity the game dies little by little.



I got 1 epic crate from the roadmaps. Woo hoo 8 Benes… ! Wait, I have no legendary medals. 8 Bennies may as well be 8 Todds for me


2yrs is a long time to play any game… sorry ur friend is leavin the game.

Some ppl just find the game takes up too much of their time… especially if they can only play it at home after work etc… if they have a wife and kids its not surprising ppl quit and go back to IRL stuff.

Yes the game can be monotonous… lvl up… raid… SR… war… pick one repeat… its how it is right now and if your not havin fun with the ppl then those 4 activities seem worthless… why do something your not enjoying… or maybe IRL has some higher priorities.

Whatever the causes… this is the internet… ppl come and go.

The question remains … why are YOU still playing? And are YOU still enjoying yourself… ?

If somethings not fun… make a change… or quit. Personally for myself i still enjoy the game so i make changes… one day i may quit but its an easy game to play and almost pay no attention to til war or events and an occasional chat with long time fac mates.



This is quite an important point. I don’t think there is a single game on any platform I’ve played for as long as this one. It is inevitable in the ever changing world of gaming that people will fall out of love with a game. This won’t just be because the developer is shit but could be because the content is not relevant, because the human attention span is limited or because something better comes along.


In the old days, MMOs promised years of life. Everquest is still going (shell of its former greatness) I played EQ for like 6+years off and on

People have played WoW for 10+, Diablo for 20 years etc…

This is an easy one.

Back in the day, the fun part of the game was war and raiding. The unfun bullshit was the level ups and later the SR crap Now FA is added to the mix of chores.

Why do something that’s not fun? Because it was prep work for the fun part.

Level ups were the football practice days for the war weekend.

Football practice is not fun, only pyshos like Tom Brady like it. But the game itself is fun.

That was TWD for me for a while.

War was fun

Faction Territories events were kinda fun

Faction Raids used to be fun

Bottom line is if the “Gameday” aint fun, practice feels even worse


the sad part is that I have tons on my real life but I still find a way to grind in this game and be the best I can cause I enjoy the crew I play with

no idea what ill do if the trend that has been hitting most factions (players quitting) starts to really hit mine.

yes its the inevitable as to being an internet thing - still sad its happening for reasons that can easily be dodged.

thx for all the replies everyone


We have lost two co-leaders since Christmas. And a co-leader a month before that. All were long time 2 year players. Hell, I have considered quitting multiple times myself.


Every day I ask why do I continue to play and lead my fac.

Answer is because if i quit this game Id probably swear off mobile gaming for good because of how bitter the taste this game left me.


@kalishane This is actually a valid concern in almost all regions. I too saw several key old time players retiring very frequently over the last few months.

Unless the sun-setting rumor is true, is “player retention” something that Scopely attempts to do?


That would be the smartest move. I like videogaming and particularly like games where I can AFK, can’t really do that in TWD anymore with all the SR manual team picking and such.

if SR was “auto clear” I might actually do it


Yes u can afk in this game… stop caring so much and only do the parts u enjoy… who cares about being the best… that part wears me out… but if i just plug away at what i can… when i can… will get there eventually… why hurry? Why stress?


I’m sorry for the loss of your friends. I know those feels.

I promise to keep sharing this feedback – and I’m looking forward to bettering rewards in the future.


Can we have blitz wars back


I for one appreciate your work as C.M. I’ve seen results come a few weeks after you’ve responded that items are in your report.

I know a lot of people pin blame on you, but the reality is I see you as a player advocate doing their job, and doing it well. One of the longest lasting C.M.s ever for this game, and you’ve taken heat for things outside of your control.

TBPH I don’t know if Scopely picked you as the C.M. because they used their nano-tracking-bad-odds-trick-whales-into-spending-chemtrails seed and read my microwave brain…

OR more likely, you are just committed to this and doing your best and IMO it helps, a lot.

Without you as a C.M. no way I would be playing in 2018 and probably would have left if you didn’t show up way back.

Please know there are many of us who see you as our Obi-Wan. Your feedback reports are our only hope!

(As someone who has filled out at least 5 in-game surveys and submitted many tickets, I can say at the very least at least, you as the C.M. has been the only place where I’ve seen true player feedback work.)


“Hope” only goes so far when every single time we have our hopes up and eagerness to see the war rewards we only get put down with 18k 5* tokens as first place prize… lol


That’s a good one! Rewards have sucked for a while. I agree, the game is super Boring now, nothing to look forward to. I’m on 2+ years also.
Constant lvl up tourney is useless, all new 6* sucks and we can’t ascend old 5’s. Horrible game now!


Only a small bit of AFK is possible compared to true AFK games where you can do stuff for hours without even looking at your screen.

You also need to use macros to do AFK in this game effectively, and you need macros for all different scenarios.

You cant raid or war AFK without cheats

Even farming a roadmap needs a macro to AFK it to keep the screen from locking

In other games, AFK is built in, AUTO CLEAR is built in, not a prestige reward token with reduced rates of return.

This game requires grinding, but they really made the grinding slower and less rewarding than it was before.

Used to be fun to clear a gear map, now I see Ultra Map and i feel dread, anxiety and sadness. Like when Jared Leto is cast in a film.


I hope rewards do bounce back, it’s hard to get excited to play & spend for what we consider to be crappy rewards. Us long time player’s remember the good rewards, newer player’s will have no clue. The game is feeling more like a 2nd job then fun atm. I want my adrenaline pumping again & excited for what my hard work will be rewarded with. Thanks


Hi Flex!

I really appreciate your thoughts on this. I am really excited to see Weapon Lock on the near horizon – among a few other exciting additions!

I’m looking forward to speeding up the character process. I know we’re on track for the ascendables as well. :slight_smile:

I honestly do care – which is really why I do what I do. Working in games has been my dream since I was super tiny – which I honestly gave up on growing up in the middle-of-nowhere in Florida. But i’m here now – and the best part of games (aside from stories that really make you feel something) are the friends you make and experiences alongside and against others!

I apologize if I ever come off as less than this. I am human – and sometimes even tough skin doesn’t protect people from negativity. I do my best to focus on what I can bring to you all. I am putting a lot of my energy into that every day. Though, it might not always feel like it. I am thankful I am included in almost every aspect to be a voice for the player. Things normally start out one way in planning – and are altered in positive ways.

The best we can do is work together to make sure what you’re feeling is conveyed to me so I can successfully convey it to everyone else. I appreciate all the time you all spend here and with each other.