Losing war even after killing all camps

Please please please get this sorted on a number of occasions my faction lost a war even though we killed both camps this really is the most crazy thing about war @kalishane if you kill both camps surely thats a win but on 4 different occasions we still lost by a couple of thousand points i thought the rules where changed but this is one war amendment thats needed

You get the bonus for the clear. If after bonus you do not have more points, they get the Win (by opening a winning lead before getting destroyed).

It’s a good thing, you can open a lead and not endlessly coin just cause ur enemy wants to.


Had three wars, where as gen i was too tough for aome facs so they killed everyone but me. I rolled them each twice and they coined back up and then proceeded to whittle me away. Tell me who got wrecked more? The guys who burned twice or the guy who lost once?

Yeah we ‘lost’ but we also won by making those resources need to be expended.


I agree with Wanderer. This is a good thing that doesn’t need to change. Having coin battles doesn’t show how good you are always. Many times it just shows how prideful you are and can’t accept the loss. I have no problems with people choosing to coin and doing so - everyone should play how they wish to. But others who do not wish to coin every war and can beat the coining team deserve the win. This is not easy to do.


Having read your comments you have changed my mind as well


Why? Just because you coin you can take a second swing on tower or enemy gen within a minute of finishing the last one? Itd turn into a feeding frenzy for coiners. Use E, Can, Refill when dead to maximize the graphical lag when coining to ninja strike again? Thats absurd logic and would make crw nigh insufferable and regional war just a drag.

LOL no. Also… Unless your general why you coining if everyone is on cool down?

Time out is fair. I hate waiting around as much as everyone but at least it’s fair

But if you get gang and coin your going to die instally again o0

That’s what he wants. A game of wacky a mole

Ah…misunderstood. In that case yeah i wholly agree. Death should negate shields.

Edit: To be fair though, Wanderers point about Whack A Mole is spot on.

I think it would be interesting if there was a mandatory cooldown of one minute before being able to coin, and an additional minute for each additional coining.

So if you get killed, 1 minute before you are able to coin, killed again, 2 minutes before you are able to coin, then 3 minutes, etc. Not that I would expect anything like this ever being implemented though.

Your scenario makes no sense. If you killed them all twice but they only killed you once, you would have more points than them. It seems the real issue is that the rest of your faction was coining and getting destroyed multiple times. Tell your faction mates to stay down in these wars and let you finish it off.


Probably would have made better sense for you to drop your defense and move on to the next war. Would have probably doubled your points in the same time frame and you wouldn’t have been feeding the other faction points and wasting your resources.

The point was we won. Even in death we ended up point heavy because they coined twice while i was still on my first life. I did eventually concede it because the Whack-A-Mole was tiring and not helping my fac mates score at all.

Edit: By rolling them i meant That i destroyed them twice compared to the fact I hadnt died at all. My fac didnt coin or repair on the war because they also got killed slowly. We even set a retreat on two of them because it was taking forever to die after i dropped team.

Haha you are better than spelling/auto correct than I am. I can’t be bother with backspacing

I actually thought I’d be more interesting if they dropped camp max hp by 100 per coin repair. Would drop you to minimum 4 hits after 1 repair, 3 hits after 3.


Pst… If you read through he agreed with the counter arguments

This makes sense now. Since you retreated, you were given the loss.

I have been in way too many of these types of battles. It is so damn annoying. And most times it is completely meaningless, their position in the leader board won’t change at all.

Yeah…but they finished us off and the point margin was so large we still won. So they spent for nothing.

Its interesting to see All camps destroyed but win. A pyhrric victory (Spelling?)

The thing that matters is points honestly I rarely look at win/loss. The points give u overall win. I’ve seen factions with less wars then others still place ahead. Or factions with more losses in 1st then 2nd. Retreat can save from a long resourceful battle when time is of importance. HaVing 2 wars opposed to 1, can = more points then spending all those resources for endless battle that doesn’t really put a huge gap between the 2 factions. Also as mentioned if a faction comes out strong and then doesn’t coin while the other faction coins endlessly can really separate the difference in coiners and winners. Gotta look at each persons output opposed to what they are worth. Unfortunately some don’t understand that. They think endless coining while only adding 1000 points even tho the opposing faction got 4000 from taking u back down so a -3000 loss for coining.