Losing Top Players


I play two regions.

Today Coosa lost several top players, finally exhausted of the blatant cheating.

In the last week Colbert lost players number 3 (prestige 13) and 7 (prestige 12)

Cheating, garbage prizes and overall bad management made them quit, I have no doubt. In the past month we’ve seen a large portion of core players (especially in coosa) up and leave the game.

The top 100 is littered with retired accounts, and the top factions can’t even fill empty places anymore.

Start putting players first. You’re running this game into the ground.


Apparently you haven’t read the forums for the last 3 months or so. People have been begging for all these things but nobody up at HQ listens.


Yea our region faced coosa in a Blitz. Bunch of cheaters but still couldn’t beat us… Lol


Coosa is being heavily investigated.
We can’t say anything more, but this is happening. I’m a part of the discussion as well.


So an investigation to this region has been going on for how long and nothing has been done? This is probably the most well known and publicized cheating region. So people that are in less popular regions or regions where cheating isn’t as rampant will probably be ignored forever, good to know.


Yea exactly, my region (bulloch) rarely sees improvements. Many of people have complained in the mere past


Sorry for your losses OP, I know that must be frustrating.

Really glad there is a tangible line of communication from Scopely telling us there is something being done.

Hope this makes you guys smile.



Any timeframe when investigation will be concluded? Was moving away from Coosa, but if a reasonable timeframe is given I will wait your investigation to end


Stephens is the same. You‘re not alone, mate.


Why wasn’t Coosa investigated before when the first @Justabox video dropped that outed them?


I think it’s safe to assume that any region with players that have more than 1 maxxed 6 Star has a cheating problem. It’s most likely to be a game wide issue tbh.


two maxed 6* is doable… if spend lot… three i doubt any spend that much. but thats not point, point is $copely is beeing totaly lost all time for cheaters… takes ages them to fix what they can do… airplanemode was on over 6 months until they figured how to stop it, even ppl post info etc… and thay made same error after too… 100% proof cheating players are pointed them… they cant do shit… might ask if you can give his acco number too that would help… right!! how to hell we get others acco? they should get it if know nick, faction etc in specific time… but maybe there aint any logging… or not hired anyone who can read logs


once they removed lot weapons from players beacuse used airplane mode to get weapons… but big cry and all got weapons back… was one war on my region without top faction had those perfect weapons… next war they had.
game is coded totaly wrong from start… lot of things is made in client head, that why gameguardian etc works, and this kind games should be server sided, but because they use or money to donuts and bancakes servers are like c-64… and we need to keep fighting laggy wars against op teams and weapons




and right after my point aproved… and alsso my answer for that was banned… $copely way to make things better… ban what dont want to hear, then problem goes away…
would like to know what was againt policy… telligh truth to $copely that we cant get cheaters id they should…