Losing in-game currency due to crashing


Posting because I’m curious to see if I’m the only one experiencing this.

I’ve had to just accepted that I will lose 1-2 energy when attacking territories due to crashes and cop this on the chin, but losing items through in-game purchases or claiming tokens is really unacceptable.

There have been about 4-5 occasions in the last 4 months where I have either claimed faction prize rewards, used coins to open a box of some sort from the shop or most recently, spent 375 coins on the second Rick stash only to have my game crash simultaneously. Game crashing (in my experience) occurs when my team is kicked out of territories, I have a bad connection or random due to in-game processing/mobile phone processing.

In the 4-5 instances I have mentioned, on return from crashing, my coins and/or tokens have been consumed, but I have not been credited any of the items.

There seems to be two types of crashes. I have crashed before and everything has rewound back to original state, but with these occasions, the coins or tokens have been consumed and nothing is rewarded. Every time I start a support conversation, we go around in circles and I end up giving up. They tell me that I consumed coins or tokens (which is true) and that I received the award - which is not true.

So my 2nd Rick stash is sitting at 6/86 and I had 416 power tokens. One hour ago I used 375 power tokens for one open. I clicked open, the room shook, I got the bottom spinning zombie and game crashed without seeing what the item was. After reload, I have 41 power tokens left and my stash status is still 6/86.

Now the fun begins, I’ve sent a support ticket, I’ll get the run around and never receive my tokens or item. This is incredibly frustrating. I’ve been buying the power token boxes so you could argue that I’m using real money to buy something and not receiving my goods. @kalishane would you be kind enough to escalate this issue further with the most appropriate department?

Many thanks


It’s been a problem for months. They’re looking into it :rofl: .


Yeah this has been an issue, but got much worse over the last week. I think some of us lost many energy after coining for cans. It really is troublesome when you are trying to get that territory and the last half hour and just get frozen out and waste your money…


Yeah, I think you’re right… I’ve been playing for almost 1.5 years and have only had problems the last 4 months… Previously EVERYTHING was rewound back to original state before a crash, including tokens and coins.