Losing FA Tickets When Leaving WoC Region


Just transferred our faction back to the region we were in before WoC. Lost all FA tickets. For those still in WoC region would suggest not to transfer out of WoC region until told its been resolved.


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It came to my attention a few Factions from WoC have lost their FA Tickets while leaving the seasonal region.

Except one that has magically kept them as far as I know at this moment (E N D G A M E) not to quote them.
We’re looking into it, and I hope once we’ve isolated the issue we’ll be able to send back in bulk to all affected Factions their format FA Ticket count.

Thanks again for bearing with us while we’re working on it.

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Hey JB, ■■■■■■■ Inc. of Jeff Davis lost its FA tickets as well. Thank you!!


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You discovered the Git Gut forum bug, ah! :slight_smile:

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Just how many days had the “days without an accident sign” ever reached without one of these many screw ups? Double digits?


Double digits is giving them a lot of credit.



Nope. It’s been stuck on zero in perpetuity. :smirk:


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Ive been waiting to post this lol


Yeah but don’t feel too bad because right afterward he gets to spend the rest of his afternoon hanging out in the employee hot tub. Check this out…Free :beers:

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You hope? Weve been saving tickets for weeks in case a gear event dropped again in assault…


We lost over 1.6 million fa points. Give it back and hurry up :wink:


We actually had about a million saved there shouldn’t be a hope about it.