Losing coins in game



I have about 50 coins lost in my account, just tonight after I got the daily 70 coins. I am not sure when it happened exactly, but it really happened. It seems like a stupid bug of this game. Please check it, if possible…


Happened when purchasing coins from game to me… bought a pack and i didnt get them contacted support and they said that they checked my account and i spent those coins right after i bought them. Had to go to Apple support to get my money refund


@JB.Scopely I started today with close to 800 coins did an offer got 10 but when I checked my coins it’s at 600??? How does it go down after doing an offer???


I lost 50 coins on game recently due to testing regions transfers, and new leagues.
I set down my tablet and I noticed screen flash, and looked down and noticed it RESTOCKED
Marlon n Rosie AUTOMATICALLY…with NO warning screen or CONFIRMATION screen you get
when making ANY purchase in the game.
I asked Support if they would credit me, and they told me to use my restock even though leagues were not even open anymore. I explained leagues were not even open, and asked to speak to a supervisor, and they told me if I wrote back my request would be closed automatically.
I guess nobody want to have anybody speak to somebody who can provide support.
But I guess that’s what I get for testing a game for free.

Make screenshots of everything.
I also suggest making screenshots of your customer support experiences to show your credit card
company that you tried to work this out with the merchant, and how you are treated by them.
Your credit card company is responsible and ACCOUNTABLE and will provide you with a FULL refund
which will not effect your game account.
Don’t waste your time on those who want your $$, but don’t want to earn it.


@JB.Scopely can u plese help me i lost 200 coins i needed