Losing choice boxes because update

I lost my unclaimed war tokens that I was saving cause I heard you all were updating the wheel soon, all my rotten heads/war tokens and plenty of other items. How do you break a game like this? Worst company ever.

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As far as I know, this is pertaining to the new beta update.

Is beta always buggy? Yes.
Should beta updates impact non-beta regions? No, but they do.

Tip: If you want to avoid bugs, don’t join beta.


Prob should not of joined beta :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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You did not lose any of them, you just can’t access them for a while.

I have a spreadsheet of the various choice boxes I had, and the numbers seem to align, everything is still there.

The Google Play beta program states:

Important : Keep in mind that these apps may be less stable than the later versions officially released to the public. This means the app might crash, or some features might not work properly when you use them.

If it is very important to you that the game functions properly, do not join the beta program, and leave it as soon as you can safely do so.


My choice boxes are gone as well…except that they were replaced with 121 “Choice Box: Choose from Valuable Rewards”. Those are the ones that have the Veteran’s Ring in them.

Update: Scratch that, what I had before is still there, but instead of displyaing 121 boxes, it was just showing one box at a quantity of 121. I opened the first few > chose Praiya > then the next box showed some gears. The boxes are there, they’re just being displayed differently.

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They’re not replaced with them, they’re just stacked, and at the moment you have to open them in order.

Paraphrasing some info from Discord: They’re aware of the problem and are working on a new beta version that will fix it, so that only those boxes will be stacked that have the same contents. Once that version is released you can open any kind of choice box directly. No ETA on when this will be released. A fix for those people that experience crashes should release soon.


I turned my auto update off so anytime there is an update for beta and theres a problem it dont mess anything up for me

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