Losing any ablity to care about the game

I’m trying to hang on till I get Pete but, I don’t know. Starting to seem pretty pointless as it looks like Scopely WANTS to shed everyone except whales, and as far as they go, they’re welcome to spend to the end. I can’t believe that Scopely is as dumb as they seem. It’s got to be possible to make this game more fun and for them to make even more money in the process but it seems they’re not interested.


Feel the same way not sure what my future after woc is over Mercer did it for me


No offence, but I never understood such posts.
We all know that Scopely DON’T CARE about these type of sentiments.

“Yes, I know they want only my money, but for the 100th time I’ll tell them how I feel hurt about it…”

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And once you claimed Pete what do you think what’s going to happen next? The grind and farming has no end. You focus on to get another sclass toon which will take several months if you aren’t able to win 1 or 2 lvl up or raid events. If we were honest to ourselves then we would accept that all this is just a huge waste of time (because you have to invest a lot of time), armory is messed up and takes way too long, platinum mods are a joke when you’re not sitting in the right bucket. Events take too much time for not much in return. Arena is another mostly useless feature since you have to spend money to acquire tickets if you want to land among the best ranks. There is nothing really new since years.


You misspelled spending


Same. I took a 6-month break at the beginning of this year, and I’ll be doing the same next year. I was hoping things would get better but they haven’t.

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From 2020, f2p players badly need therapy after event p2w event now. Save your piggy banks!!!


No, don’t save the piggy banks, because they work for scopely. Just break them and take their stuffs!

Lol after woc.

Yeah 2many gimmick characters still and they keep making them.
My Zachary 6star is still melting people(got very lucky)and if you don’t have any luck then ur fucked.

lol… none taken. I don’t get that you feel the need to respond in this way.

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You make valid, excellent points. I’ve still somewhat enjoyed the game even with it’s conversion to complete monetization. I find the “fun” parts I can still enjoy. But with all they’ve been doing the fun parts are kind of slipping away.

Yeah because I’m not bailing on my faction during woc when we have already lost a few

I wish I would have got Zach but I’m not very lucky when it comes to pulling characters out of the wheel I still wish I had doctor Stevens

Scopely is killing the game, how many months do we have left before the game ends?

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It definitely seems like they have no interest in this game now. They don’t want to make it fun or interesting, they’re just introducing one cash grab after another to milk the whales as much as they can before it shuts down. They couldn’t care less about anyone who’s not one of their “VIPs”.


That feel when the only excitement about the game is generated when scopely puts S Class in wheel

You’re bailing on the game. Which would include bailing on caring about anything game related. Just weird to care about woc when you’re going to quit the game.

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why dont they just quit…make a song and dance in here. Ffs quit if you dont like it.

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