Losed the fight Boss Faction Assault

Guys anyone know what happened if i choose t5 boss at faction assault and still cant win this until time limit ??? Are we still got the reward bag ??? Thanks :grin::grin::grin:

i think you can still claim the individual stages rewards but, I assume, with the reward bag being a reward for defeating the boss that you dont get it


As @Zombay said you need to defeat negan to get the rewards. But you get to keep the stashes you earn on the way since when you defeat a liuetenant stash becomes available asap.

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Why people can leave when faction assault and new people cant join to replace that ??? :grin::grin::grin: im out of player to finish that :joy::joy::joy:

because it can be abused, faction assault is designed to be beaten by 30 players max not infinite.

As Wonka would say, β€œYou Get Nothing, You Lose! Good Day Sir!”

You don’t get the bag, or the points. But you get the points from fighting John, Connor, David, and Tara. I had 1st place but our fac lost :frowning: