Lose 12 anniversary stashes .... get 3 back in compensation ... i mean

So i push on all missions (apart from Sr x 25) and manage to get 12 pulls on the stash … go to bed, wake up and stash reset to 0 … sent a message and was told that 3 x extra stash pulls is the compensation …

how is this fair when you wish to complete the stash collection. i mean come on man


You got scopley’d

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As frustrating as it might be you may need to continue to contact support. Showing them a picture of the missions completed and banners collected from milestones clearly showing you had enough to do 12 pulls and now you have none left might help

They screwed up… ok.
But you wanted to finish that for a 1* character?!
I really think everyone from mild active player to whales will finish that stash…
Why not choose to see the glass half full?! You get to pull the same rewards again! :smiley:

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