Lori's 2nd stash

Is there a screenshot somewhere of Lori’s second stash? This could be another incentive to buy some bags and get her sooner since I’m not sure I’ll have time to level her up before the end of the Museum collection.


Like that?

Thanks a lot!
If ascendance medals are the Best thing in there, I’m not too thrilled about it…

And lillith and adenv

Thank’s for posting but we all knew the 2nd stash was going to be nothing but garbage. Now we have the proof. It’s why they kept it secret because they knew people wouldn’t buy extra tokens if they saw this crap.

Watch this thread get removed to cover it up now.

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We didn’t know since we had no proof.

That’s such a bad way of doing business. But sadly, they could just claim that they offer the tokens for players that missed some login days, so they can still get their Lori. Methinks, that’s not the only reason though :unamused:

:face_with_monocle: Can you cap the rest? Please & thank you.

Whatever. I knew it was going to be crap and it is crap. So what point are you trying to make? I guessed correctly based on just how awful the rewards usually are. So did quite a few others. There were other threads on this topic.

I had a conversation with a Scopely employee and I said more people would buy the tokens if they could see what was in the stash and she agreed with me. They keep things like this hidden because they absolutely knew people will not buy the extra tokens if they had seen what garbage lie in store for them.

Nice troll fail.

Figured it wasnt gonna beany good. glad this proved my suspicion. Oh well.


Tyvm! I’m planning to buy some Lori tokens anyway to get a head start on levelling her. Good to know the 2nd stash doesn’t have a mark-up of sorts. I was honestly expecting it to require 5 tokens per pull or something silly like that.

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Damn, I was hoping for at least another chance at a canteen. Oh well.

Sorry hadn’t been back on here til now

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