Lori Stats Leaked

From data mining. No image available. Final stats will probably change, and it’s incomplete so they probably won’t be releasing her for a while.

Lori (road to survival 3)
No special weapon
Damage: 1556
Defense: 1553
Health: 1798
bullet strike: deal 300% damage to up to 4 enemies. All teammates are healed +20% health per turn for 3 turns. Takes 85 ap.
Active ability: stun 2 enemies for 1 turn.
Specialist: Aprilfools


Looks good. Even for a joke.


New Specialist skill ?? Oo what does it do ?

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It’s great! It makes it so whenever she kills an enemy, there’s a 100% chance that a scopely employee will drive to your house and personally rob you of your retirement savings!


greater chance of gaining 1 coin

If there was a toon with that skill i’d drop promo money for it