Lori Stash Reset Update

Hello everyone,

There was an issue that started on 5/1 at 5:00PM PST where the Lori Stash was reset due to an incorrect reward being included in the stash. This change resulted in players having different amounts of tokens needed to complete the stash, which would ultimately mean that some players would be able to receive the 5 Star Ascendable Lori completion reward a couple days before other players.

In order to correct this issue in a way that is fair we will be taking the following actions:

  • Players who a redeemed total of 2 Lori tokens prior to the stash reset will receive two additional tokens. This will put them on equal footing to players who redeemed after the reset.

  • Players who redeemed a total of 1 Lori token prior to the stash reset will receive 1 Lori token and 250 Four-Star Weapon Tokens.

  • Players who have redeemed 0 Lori tokens prior to the stash reset will receive 500 Four-Star Weapon Tokens (2 x 250 Weapon Tokens).

The item(s) are being provided because players who redeemed both tokens prior to the reset will have received two additional rewards from the Stash. Players who did not redeem their tokens prior to the reset will not have received these items. Providing these items to players who have not redeemed at least one token prior to the reset will make it so all players will have received 5 total stash rewards and will have the ability to have their Stash completion progress at 3/28 redemptions.

Note: The number of redemptions are based off of player data from 5/1. These numbers may increase by one once the 5/2 Lori tokens have been made available.

You should expect to see your items within 24 hours.