Lori Stash part II


Anybody knows what are inside the second part of lori stash? Thanks


Wood and item tokens.


Standard issue disappointment.


I heard there will be a second Lori and free benidicts for everyone :joy::joy: oh wait no that was a dream


It wasn’t a dream!!! It totally happened! just not for everyone! :rofl:


The helpfulness of the community continues to amaze me :slight_smile:

Sorry man dunno


No, nobody knows & they’re giving nothing away. That leads me to believe it’s nothing special but they don’t want anyone to know that in case they stop buying the tokens.





Lol 15 characters




why does scopley expect us to spend if we don’t know whats in the 2nd stash @kalishane any info you may want to give us about whats in the 2nd part of the stash


Where’s VK when you need them? How have they not posted stash #2? It must not even exist yet


I think Lori stash part 2 is free Lilith,… what I seen before =D


It would be great to know about all the options from stash 2/2… :thinking:


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