Lori stash claim is gone/reset - back to 0/28


I claimed 1 time in the new Lori stash, but just now, it reset back to 0/28.
I could claim another token, but this might be a 2nd one? (It happened eight after my daily bonus)

Player Name: AmplifiedHorus
Faction: Broken Skulls
Region: Henry
Device: Samsung Galaxy J5
OS Version: Android 7.0
Platform: Play Store
What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug? Viewed stash after receiving new inbox message about it
Does the bug occur every time? /
If it occurs every time, what are the steps you take to make the bug occur? /

Kind regards,

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I have the same problem but i used my 2nd token. Its show up that i used just one


Having the same problem!


Good to know I’m not alone in this.
It might have been due to bug that scopely fixed. I hope it wasnt the 2nd token though.


mine reset in Chilton and Crenshaw region but my Ben Hill stash still says 1


@kalishane @SandySurvivor


It might take a little time to update on your device, but you will have had the box gacha progress reset and be offered another free pull. Check your offers~


just got it. thanks


So they reset the stash because that was glitched as well. Purple tokens and the single item tokens.

But what about those of us who got screwed over by the late museum collection? Any word on that?


Thank you for the quick answer Sandy.
I am wondering though… If people that already claimed it, log in too late now (when the 2nd token shows up) will they have lost their first one? Or will that one be up longer?

For example, my girlfriend is asleep right now, and is busy tomorrowmorning. She might not get to it in time.


That’s being sent out soon™

Jokes aside, it should be out in a few hours


Thank you, Sandy, you guys are the best. :+1:


It’ll be up for longer, she should be able to retrieve the token in time.

The alternative is waking her up and telling her you have important news!


thanks for the extra token. gave me 1,000 4* tokens which got me a 4* pull which led me to ascend 4* Olivia into Ascendable Lori :grinning:


Some people alredy have 3 tokens count on stash, I’m still with 2 only


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Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: you know what they say, don’t wake up sleeping girlfriends x) I still have the will to live :wink:

Thanks for the clear and fast answers! <3


Unable to preview it at this time because it’s locked until you complete the current stash


People would be more apt to buy tokens if they knew what was in there…just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re not wrong