Lori Museum collection (YGL issue)

Now as im led to believe we will be able to get 6* lori by trading in a maxed 5* version that we can get from daily log in, to do this we will have approximate 48 hrs to reach this goal.

Now while i appreciate this is an added bonus to the log in rewards, this is very annoying to players like myself who rarely see ygl, this will be very important to help level up lori fast especially the last few levels of tier 4 , as to do this with just trainers and characters costs a ton of resources.

There have been numerous posts about how the availability of ygl has detrimentally affected the game due to the vast array of level ups, especially as we have been punished for using an ingame feature, while those who never used it, can simply coast to a top 100 we have to farm ridculously hard to achive the same milestones as they have a ygl.

So the point of this post is simple , please by the end of this month make YGL your priority and fix it ,so that we all have the same chance and ability to max our Lori out

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If I remember correctly the toon doesn’t have to be maxed. Just tier 4.

No she needs to be maxed.

You dont need a YGL to max her. Start 5-8 days before pickup depending if you want to use 1 or 2 camps.
Train 751 Citizen 2 stars. Make sure you have about 30k in supply points. Buy 20 mil in food with them. Done.


No You dont need a YGL, but It sure does help a ton

Lets do some maths 751 2* or in other words 3755 survivors ((without cans or counting shirts.gloves that requires around 2 week of farming)
Each same trait survivor gives 486 xp
Assuming that the player does not pay to skip scav mission but does coin refresh the wait he can snd of 4 YGL before the collection ends, depending on number of characters,(assume 2 as that is how id do it ) that is 200k xp from just the scav mission.

Or in other words they no longer need 751 characters they need 324 characters less than half (or 1620 survivors) Plus all the food they no longer need to collect.

This isnt a complaint about me not able to do this ( I Will) its about the continual disparity between players due to having played the game, especially with the amount of level ups we have, the issue compounds over time, so by the time i can max 4 5* they can max 8, also take into account the whole increase when 6* are leveled up, YGL need to be fixed, and by putting in timed challenges it Isolates a major issue and punishes players who have to face it

I’m with you on that. I can’t stand the rng that goes into just about everything in this game and to let it dictate who will win the level ups. Let’s face it unless you throw a ton of cash at one the person who gets 4-5 back to back YGL during an event is gonna beat the person who can’t even get one.

I’m on day 6 without a YGL. Starting to get used to having to do it manually all the time. I can’t even get one on non-contest days just to level up my useless 4 stars for ascendance.

It’s a joke. I’m in favor of having it removed completely or everyone gets it ONE time in a 24 hour period without the use of coins to refresh it.

Are you sure? I don’t remember maxing zeke when they ran his promo in the museum.

Yeah but I would not mind being wrong here but If you check its got all 4 tabs colored in and says lv 80.

Same lol ,although last one was 9 day (did get a bricks and motor though a few days ago) any change would be good
I have 3 tier 4 6* ready to go but can’t be bothered to try to win an event as i could literally end up wasting all the early points as ygl may not turn up again and someone could simply outcoin me and i lose all 500 days of surviors in training ground, so in a wierd spot

Zeke never got ascended by the museum it was turning a 4* into a 5* then using the tower

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Sorry. Trading in the 4s to get the 5s. The 4s never had to be maxed.

Edit. Just saw the level 80. Who knows. That would suck.

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