Lori.. Mother's day

She is a gift in to celebration of the day.


I think she will not be the gift, making her ascendable is gift more likely. But considering Shane’s posts it might be true and u r right

Have they ever run a contest during another contest? Either way sounds like the perfect day to release her.


Lori grimes is the best mother in the world (sarcasm)


No one is without faults and she loved Carl. I’m not up on the comics so I’m going by the tv show. It’s also been a while since I have watched the early seasons so my memory is hazy. If you’re referring to her being with Shane she did think her husband was dead. She was just trying to survive and keep her and her son safe.

Besides Sarah Wayne Callies is a beautiful woman.

Yep sure she was flawed, but everyone is flawed. Everyone has their bad moments in this series. I do wish she had more epic moments. Feel like it lacked on the show. Also rick and lori were going thru a rough patch before the outbreak. With thinking rick was dead, she was looking out for carl. Also having a relationship with shane help her feel alive and a bit normal in a zombie world. I loved all the originals, felt they all were fleshed out better than the new characters lately. In the show of course

just a case of bad writing on the tv shows part. They played quick and loose with real life parenting just to quickly push a plot device.

the comics, she was a hard@ss and im sure he was placed with other people to watch whilst she bumped uglies with shane

but yeah tv show lori, was pretty bad in all fairness, not SWC fault

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She’s a good character in the Comics

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Lori was very good mom in comics
I mean when you consider that alpha as a mother in the comics allowed her own daughter to be r****d and Carol well tried to kill herself in front of her own daughter
Lori was brave enough to try get Judith out of the prison which went to chaos


You’d be ragged too. It’s post apocalypse.

Shane said Lori would be part of an event. Either, she’ll be a reward like all the other free legacy toons we got or maybe we’ll be surprised with a Pick Your Side event between Alpha and Lori. And we did have Maggie’s log-in event run during RTP. So let’s see what happens.

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If so, Lori might be a great character. Green chainsaw Alpha is extremely powerful, so I hope Lori is not any worse.

Shane didnt say when she will be in an event. Could be an event 6 years from now, who knows.

No i think its a happy with nothing kind of event. She’ll be playable in the road map to test her while getting necklaces for the current event. Something like that.

Hopefully it’ll be similar to the Rick event. She is one option but there is a 2nd option for those who already have her or don’t want her - maybe gear or trainers or medals instead.

I have her and am really hoping she’s has a hurt n heal AR. And really wishful thinking - guardian 2 specialist skill.

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Definitly not. We have a red guardian 2 specialist: Hershel. If I interprate the leaked screen without skills. She will be a range leader with healing, could be the same like her son.

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I hope her active skill will be like this:
Full heal and AP gain: 1 teammate is fully healed and gains 10% AP.

The ladder we can already be certain of that it will not happen. It seems she will be having a leader skill. She’ll also have a 66ap rush and her base stats are mostly to the defend side. She will have support role, so chance are a rush that contains either heal, buffs or debuffs. Her active skill i have no info at all about.

Edit: what does seem new is that her cooldown on active skill is 1 turn, fully upgraded. That’s fastes till date, no?



You May just be right. . .

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hahahahaha dude, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.