Lori is here no need to fear


Yeah no doubt I mean people are force to have the same teams and characters as everyone else so you just got no choice anyway but even as a freely given away character she doesn’t come out to me as a threat rather more a liability imo that one turn impair to only 2 enemies is what is killing her usefulness I personally rather have two neut govs then sub one out for her on defense imo.


I think she be dedlier than gov on defnse
I mean shes gonna buff people and then that it you gonna take a beating also siddiq gonna be on same defnse so your gonna want the het out quick
But gov I see all I have to do is go jerimiah any blue toon if I get stunned I can recover it with mira gov he’s a massive window while lori yes I want to atk forst but ya know if get bad rng
Lori goes boom buffs 3 and I hsve to sit and play with take a hefty beating
I think shed shine more if she had recover something active just because well focus is on way to many 6* and woth recover stun bam even of a pain on defnse


Dunno what i’m more excited about between the buff or the neutralize


I think you may be giving Lori false hope when gov is a str8 up killer even behind a erika lead. Aside from gov, Lori is more a placeholder if you simple want someone with a bit more stats made for defense to throw behind your range team. She is just a good at holding a stun gun and that’s it.


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