Lori is here no need to fear


So gov that buffs kinda well she’s better than lucas
And i would use in a atk team with gov
Just why it gotta be focus - _-


Not what I expected. Meh


Still not bad behind Erika and she’s already useful for me.


Yeah… just seems run of the mill to me.


Better than I expected. I was concerned she was going to lose the neutralize. She could be viable in defense too (redgov is little bit squishy). Bye bye carl+shiva teams with focus.


Stun gun
Stun gun
Stun gun
Stun gun
Impair gun

Gonna T4 them all this week, have enough liliths to max all rushes

Thx @KALISHANE for the Atk/def buff and neutralize


I can run similar setup, only thing I dont have redgov, but I’ve 3 Lori :slight_smile:


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Focus is amazing! Shiva confuse and michield teams are rendered completely useless :smiling_imp:


Lori 6 * Alert is good even very well but … I expected at least to see disappearing his specialty for a chef’s talent.

This forces him to go get Lucas.



There are going to be some pissed off players now… a free ascendance…


Unbelievable, a dev team with zero foresight. Cost me [and alot of others] all my Benedict’s and the rest of my tokens. And now there giving away for free. Why not release at the same time? Either inept or screwing offer the ones who ascended early.


Same here feel like I have wasted a lot of resource that is scarce at best.


Good thing mine isn’t maxed yet so I couldn’t ascend her. People will be mad


If it works like other collections you just need her at 4.1 (altough I would take advantage of her from an ygl for a max amount of points for levelup). I think 4.40-4.50 is the right level to feed her to museum collection as after those levels ratio food/points is pretty high.


Says max-leveled.


A bunch of people already had her and apparently ascended right when she was released.


Lori isnt bad. Focus is awesome. She will be useful


She is Aiight I suppose she is not outstanding from the way I see it she isnt terrible but isn’t that great either. She should had been 66 ap as a six star then she would had went nicely but with 76ap on defense I don’t think she is worth having imo the gov edges her out more better then her on both attack and defense. In a erika team that buff isn’t going to matter I mean jeremiah does 70 defense buff to 3 teammates and you barley notice it when still going for the kill against reds maybe her buff would work better when its on blues or mix in a carl lead with her holding a stun gun while Glenn commands her to pop.


Definitely would be bad if she was promo but hey lori is free and better than lucas
I mean yes I need a ranged charector but I also need gear and lori is much quicker to get everyone gets her so she’s essentially a free "6* who’s in the f2p category where most people want there reds anyway