Lori Event / May log in

Apologies if I’ve missed anything about this over the weekend, but has there been any update as to May’s log in event/bonus or how lori will be involved?

Pretty sure I read she’d be involved in some sort of Mother’s Day event!

It was not said to be a mother’s day event, just said that she will be part of an event. As mother’s day is drawing near it seemed only logical for lori to be involved with such an event

Well i need her now

Wrong website mate. You think the Scopley website is the best place to find inform on their game?

Go check out the VK pages on WD: RTS. Their punctuality in releasing information and reliability of what they release is second to none. Of course I in no way condone some of the shady services being offered by such sites, but what can Scopley do?


There hasn’t been any info on Lori event yet I believe! If you want her 5* version ready for when she becomes ascendable she is available through ascension of 4* toons

Guess i’ll just have to wake up tomorrow and find out… But in saying that the April splash page didn’t show up for me for about a week lol

VK being suspicipously quiet on it all :joy:

Been trying to get her through ascension but no luck as yet :thinking:

April login rewards was a fail.

Trainer crates…

28 burts
2 bradys


I hate when Scopely adds RNG to anything.
The daily login should be something to reward the players not punish them with bad RNG.
The lesser prizes should’ve been Bradys. Burts we can get them from pretty much everywhere (TG, War chest, Depot., etc.).
We should’ve at least get a Benny per week, which would amount to at least 4.

I liked the previous months where we knew exactly what we were getting. No RNG.
Leave the RNG for the wheels. Everything else should be, fight for a guaranteed something.


Agreed. I Did get one Lilith. But the Rest was mostly Bradys :poop:

She’s probably the crw reward during mothers day like sid(ekick).

0 Bennys or Liliths the entire month, even with a few bonus crates. Bring on Mays disappointment

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