Lori Event ... Great structure .... Poorly Started

With many players waking up to the Lori event a few hours after it started some are seeing the museum collection news pop up whilst others aren’t getting after 5-20 minutes from start up of the game.

I have been quite vocal in my faction chat regarding warning players of ascending Lori the old fashioned way as i was caught out on both my accounts for ascending her within a few minutes to half an hour of her legendary status being made public.

I did this because she is a new toon and for level up points to reach the 2 million milestone.

When many players such as myself have enough tokens, enough benedicts (or not) and a maxed out ascendable character ready for weeks ahead of the release you can understand that many will be doing so right away without hesitation and rightly so. Mostly because im in the UK, this character popped up after running through the ultimate gear roadmap that popped up whilst the euros was sleeping and at half the time to do so.

Are we being told we are in the wrong for obtaining this character within the first hour. Were we to know this museum collection would pop up “AFTER” said legendary was made accessible. I must have failed my mind reading or fortune telling classes in school so i failed.

With that said, in most events top place getting 100 gold tokens to 10th place getting around 25-50 tokens you can see why the many who ascended Lori would be disheartened by the museum collection coming just that little too late. The thought of having to run 10th place in about 8 events just to gain the resources back is very daunting.

the right thing to do would obviously be to compensate a bag of 300 gold tokens 250k silver tokens and either 8 bens or the toons used to ascend the character but im thinking thats waaaaaaay too much for support to handle



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