Lori Collection

So Lori was made ascendable this morning so i ascended her right away using 8 Bennies and medals.
Minutes later, a Lori collection appeared in the Museum which allowed you to trade a 5* Lori in for a 6* Lori without needing Bennies or medals.

Why did you release Lori before the Museum collection went live? I just wasted 8 Bennies and 300 legendary medals for absolutely no reason.

Can i get my Bennies and medals back due to your error?



Saaaame!!! :sob: so fkn stupid.


This isn’t an error. You shouldn’t have been such impatient


i see a forum explosion coming due to this lol

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Impatient? We have been waiting months. Lol. It was bound to happen… She is pts for the level up event even aside the fact shes been a long awaited toon. Many many people ascended her immediately!


Impatient how?
We’ve been waiting months for Lori. She finally appears and i’m meant to wait before ascending her for what reason? There was no indication about an impending collection.


Knowing Scopely, you should have :sunglasses:

There is 100% absolutely zero reason we shouldn’t ascend someone immediately. To imply people should is absurd?


Happen to me too. I messaged support but am not holding out much hope. Another disappointing move by scopely.

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Seriously this was a stupid stupid move alot of angry customers yet again.


@Locked-Away uh… got bad news for ya buddy.

Well you can get the Lori from the log in event and rock two now… I guess


way to keep it positive!

This f*cking sucks. I sent a message to support but I don’t expect anything back. What a shitty thing for them to do.


Same here, Not holding out much hope for anything to be done about t it

Same for me, I demmand justice for Lori! Gimme my stuff back!

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What did scopely expect?
Did they think playerd would be happy?
Happy to use x8 5☆fodder, happy to use 300 gold medals and happy to use 250k silver medals FOR NO REASON?
there is no reason to NOT releasing both red lori ascendence AND that museum collection AT THE SAME TIME. Releasing that museum collection 1 hour later or whatever it was (stuff pops up with so much lag in this game anyways its aweful) just feels like a cheap move to anger players who were ready to ascend her.
If it was not done on purpose then why not put up museum collection first 1 hour before red lori even becomes ascendable. There would have been no valid complaints that way.


I’ve 3 lori already, 1 ascended straight once she was available in tower. Going to get the 4th from the 28 days. I’m going to level one of the other 2 I’ve unleveled and use one in the museum. 2 should be pretty good.

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Following the thread… As one of the “lucky” few to ascend her before the Museum Collection shows up =(

You’ve got a special edition Lori.
The newest form of premium recruit.