Lori apology tokens

Has anybody been having issues with SUPPORT getting your Lori apology tokens??
They didnt send them to one of my regions so i have been asking for them, but everytime i ask the support request is closed with NO answer or resolution.
I messaged @kalishane, @kalishane, @CombatDevIl, & @Andrea_Scopely about this, but everyone is too busy to help me with this simple problem.

This is my last support request from yesterday that was closed today with NO answer, reward, or explanation.


I feel like an apology on top of said apology Is in order. These tokens aren’t appearing/ working properly for all. This post 100% indicates this and customer support Just loves to shut us down. As this game is older now… how can you expect us to thoroughly have any type of experience with the game? Put plainly how is this even fun anymore? Fool me once you know the saying.


I was also a victim of the famous Bug in my Main Region Winston. In Tuscalosa it was alright. There said I hadn’t that Bug on my Account and after that I only received Automatic Answers

Support has been blowing me off too, I collect and cash in my tokens for my Chattahoochee and Chilton regions every time just a few mins apart. Even support messaged me the log showing when I collected and it shows as plain as day they didn’t give me the makeup token for my Chilton region but did for my Chattahoochee region. I’m still getting the runaround.

Same here, cashes in 2 regions minutes apart. One got compensated and one didn’t. Not even trying with unsupport. Just a complete and utter waste of time.

After going back and forth with support through many messages they finally cleared it up a bit, which would’ve been nice to know beforehand or even given the choice to what region it’s sent to. I still gave support a chance to fix things for the misstep and not clarifying the screw up to that too. The ball is now in their court and my offer is on the table…


They sent my coin to the wrong region. I have an extra coin in 1 region & missing 1 in the other. They aren’t going to fix it.

Nic3 to see im not alone. Sad commentary on SUPPORT others are receiving on this game for simple matters.

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So if I’m reading these supports info right here. You’re only allowed one Lori even if let’s just say you play on 2/3 different regions?! What kind of hibbity jibbity bs is that? Punishing the hardcore players who grind in multi regions is sinister honestly. They probably assume well head to the store and you can buy the Lori token stash… I’m getting tired of these tactics I feel like a beaten dog with this game. Yet I’m always back tail wagging looking for food… fix these problems it’s the archaic life sucking sales and loot model you use that vanquishes more and more fan base. folks who are just looking for the game they remember being fun to actually be fun. Paywalls are corporate greed at its finest.

I’m still hammering support for some compensation in my Chilton region, and here’s a update on the battle…

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And yet another round between support and I, they tried staying tight-lipped about this situation, but I am wearing them down.

Just to keep the topic going & alive. Because it really needs to be answered & accounted for, bump bumpity bump bump

Ya…they closed my SUPPORT REQUEST over 10 times with absolutely NO RESPONSE of any kind.
Pretty irresponsible if you ask me to let a bunch of children PLAY support staff with no oversight.
Heres what i was sent after closing my SUPPORT REQUEST over 10 times with NO REPLY:

A Support staff member named Kate finally helped me.
Seems almost surreal i had to go through all that for something stated clearly from an in-game letter sent to ALL players.

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