Lori 6* statistics

@kalishane thanks for the ascendables list, its good to know which chars i should keep, and i have almost everyone from the list. I just really want to know if i can start to ascend other chars i have, or i should wait and keep my medals for lori. Can you give us an update of how she will be?

Yeah, it’s been hinted that we’re gonna see some kind of Lori promotion on mothers day so at least that’s right around the corner. Would be nice to see her final card though especially from Scopely directly before it just gets posted after vk hacks the game.

I would like lori to be a shield, or to have the ability to lead, that of PA when attacking.

quisiera que lori fuera escudo, o que tenga habilidad de lĂ­der, que de PA al atacar.

Free human shield? No way no how will that ever happen. Best case is she will have the same leader skill as Carl. We need a f2p ranged def leader. If her ar has some kind of hurt and heal that would be fantastic because we also don’t have a f2p healer.

Still, I’m really worried that shes either gonna be another gov based on her 5-star abilities or complete trash.

Shields aren’t really worth much anymore, imo.
Especially if you can stun, taunt, focus, or just straight up nuke them.


100% agreed. But there is no way Scopely would ever give out a 6-star human shield. The whales will still shell out dough for one even though guardian shield is way better now.

I still don’t have Hershel. I wouldn’t mind at all if Lori had guardian 2.


well they gave michonne rapida and reads in an event, but in agreement that lori had the ability to lead carl, or guardian 2, and if we need a healer away!

bueno regalaron a michonne rápida y a lee en un evento, pero de acuerdo que lori tuviera habilidad de líder de carl, o guardián 2, y si necesitamos un sanador de distancia.!!!


yelow michonne

Wouldn’t Maggie count as a f2p healer? She may not heal all, but she still heals.

Are you serious 0.o ?

Ranged f2p healer. Because obviously, Carl does too on melee.

Maggie is a great toon for sure. Keeping her as a 5-star for her revive and command. She’s been fantastic in sr and farming.

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Ah gotcha! :+1:

Its a bit if a long wait after governor. I have a feeling we keep waiting longer and longer but yet we have had 2 new promos this week…

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I 100% agree with you.

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Only if we always had a mind set that never give

Then they won’t

It is actually encouraging them to suck on whales

Market leads
Not Suppliers

Yeah it’s not good.

What timeline is the nest list of ascendable’s to be released by…? Early 2019

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