Loot in stages 4* thoughts on drops?


Looking over the loot table of stages it appears you can get 4* weapons and 4* characters on world map 9 stage 6.

So all the topics to date people have posted where they get their drops and seems to very. Is it possible that all the stages above this have equal possibility of drops.

That farming anything higher is a waste of energy?

What I do not see on any loot table is trainers that people have spoke of. Either way it’s food for thought if you can farm the same items at lower energy you get more attempts and possibly more loot if all is created equal.

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The common farming ground is 13.x, 14.x due to ease of completion, drop rate, and low energy cost.

For player level grinding 17.3, 16.1 are the most efficient energy per xp.

The total drops per stage do increase as you move to later stages but I’m not sure they provide benefit enough to focus on them. I am fairly certain. 13 drops more frequent 4s weapons than 9.



Is there anything to back the claims though that for example stage 13 drops more often then 9. Your spending more energy so technically your able to run 13 less.

The loot table is identical on everything above let’s say 10 even though it’s 9.6

Only way to know anything about this is to have community stats or staff posting. We all know staff is not going to help us out any time soon so debate the crap out of it.



Empirical evidence even though if I’ve never took the time to document it. I farmed 9.2 for a while and I thought it was the same for weapons but not all for the most valuable gear. I went back to 13.5 and I get a decent amount every time.



It is worth pointing out, if you see the gear available in Stage 13.3 it includes Wrinkled Shirts and Work Gloves, so I’d only trust those so far.

I run 13.5 because I feel it is a nice balance between EXP, 4* Weapons, Survivors and food (from the gear). I used to do 15-1 a lot but it felt (nothing more than a feel) that the 33% extra energy doesn’t give a corresponding increase in reward.

I had an old faction mate run 9-4 and he would get weapon drops at a reasonable rate. However, the key thing for me is that 9-4 doesn’t drop 3* gear which can give some nice amounts of food. Given that EXP per energy is lower I have never bothered. 13-5 for me is also pretty quick with the right high damage dealing set-up



I farm 13.2 and 7.4 frequently. Also, personal preference. I have faction mates doing 12.4 as well.