Loop issue - Beta tester

And…sup Swishy lol

I can do even less than support, so there’s nothing else I can tell people.

I’ve been “conversing” with support since August 1st due to my game resetting and not recieving a single reward in my inbox even when I manage to score between resets. “Conversing” means they tell me the team is looking at it and no timeframe available on a fix, then asking me every few days what kind of device I use and my region again… :neutral_face::neutral_face:

I gave up the beta. waiting for the official update. should I go back to beta and download it again? will it get worse?

Al renunciar a beta te va el juego bien?si es el caso, si después vuelves a beta sigues con tu progreso o empiezas desde 0?

Same exact experience here. I have given my acct and device info about 20x already. And if they tell me one more time to have patience, my head’s gonna explode. But hey, they’re really steamrolling along on breaking all those promises they made, so there’s that!

friends! a miracle happened!
self restart of the game has stopped!
I re-installed the beta version and so far everything is OK.
I recommend to everyone. after updating the official version, forget about beta testing.
when in the official version of the bug on the bug and nothing to think about the beta.

I’ve been having some loop issues myself as well as of late. My survival road been acting up few days ago, and now i can’t get back into the game just now. Hopefully things will get fixed soon.

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Bsta update cause just recently for me to crash, by opening the game

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