Loop issue - Beta tester

My game has been restarting every ten seconds for two days. I have tried logging in from another device, uninstalling and reinstalling, testing from an Android emulator.

I am beta tester, and since I downloaded the update the game restarts constantly. I tried writing support emails, personal messages to GR and JB with all the details (account code, device, Android version, game version, etc.), and nobody has given me an effective solution.

I need the problem urgently solved, since I could not even enter during the whole level up event, nor during raids. I do not know what else to do to solve the problem!

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I have the same issue. Support told me they are “well aware of the problem”. I took that to mean 0 f*cks are given. Walker kill loop is still a major issue as well. @GR.Scopely

It started, on my side, after the start of raid tournament. Before bedtime, appr. 9 hours ago, everything was okay. Now it reboots every 13 seconds

Been getting this for the last hour

Habe seit 24 Stunden das Problem, aber von keiner Seite kommt mal eine kurze Info, gebt euren Spieler code via pm, gut und weiter, nothing,
@JB.Scopely, alle Events sind nun rum, lvl up gerade noch so, frak raid o Punkte, wäre schön mal eine Antwort zu bekommen

I have the same issue

On Friday morning problems with the game began. After about 10 seconds, the game restarts. No matter what I do or do not do nothing goes cyclic restart. The account is located in the perry region. Installed beta version of the game. If
I uninstall and install an earlier version, it is simply not possible to enter the game due to its incompatibility. I wrote about my problem more than once to the support service. To help or to do anything they don’t want. Sent to the forum. On the forum the code is sent, the account gr.scopely It also does nothing and does not respond to messages. An account code was also sent to support. This means that the developers do not care about the players and I can forget and delete the game?

Force close game, clear cache, clear Google play cache, check for any game updates, update if one is available, try again. If this doesn’t work, all I can tell you is to follow up with support daily.

@LadyGeek My wife has the same issue. New here, not sure how to dm or who to dm. Any guidance is appreciated.

Same here, i contacted support and no response

Same advice as above - if the generic troubleshooting advice doesn’t work, follow up with support.

in addition to cleaning all the temporary files and reinstalled the game tried to go with other devices. the problem is in my account. on other devices, the same thing happens. and only with my account.
Support send to the forums.

Hola, creo que no eres el Ăşnico con este problema
Estoy super molesto con el error en la Matrix, igual se me reinicia en al rededor de 10 a 15 segundos, sin la posibilidad de hacer nada.
Tengo todo el día mandando mensajes a soporte técnico y nadie me responde.
Intente el sacar la app y reinstalarlo, usar distintos dispositivos, pero el error no es el dispositivo, ni la red, si no más bien mi cuenta.
Ya envié correos, mande mensajes a soporte técnico, mande mensajes por la play store y ahora en los foros pero nadie se a dignado a responder ninguno de mis mensajes.

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Yes. the problem is in the account. support is responding. but all answers are useless. on the forum wrote a personal message to one of them. he just ignored

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Thanks for all the reports - We are aware about the Loop issue and currently looking into it.



Pues espero que le den soluciĂłn.
Y que encuentresn la manera de emparejarnos en los eventos y las recompenzas
Ya son tres eventos perdidos sin posibilidad de conseguir los objetos de colección para el museo. ¬¬
Feliz evento de aniversario para los que no pueden entrar ¬¬

I’m hearing reports from various players who were affected by this reset loop that they’re able to get back in the game. I don’t have any official update, but my advice is that this may be a running script so some players may get back in before others do. Try again over the next few hours.

Please note that this advice applies only to those who are beta testers on Android who started getting the reset loop in the past day or two. If you’ve been locked out a week, a month, more than a month, this doesn’t apply to you and you will need to continue following up with support.

You sent a reply to yourself lol

Mines also been the same since last update… I’m also a beta tester!! game forces close during a raid tts and even while doing road maps… Still having the zombie issue too wiping out my whole team… All since the update… I’ve hardly been on as its really sucking the last bit of enjoyment out of it for me.

You know of course that any response from support is never…supportive huh? I haven’t found anything they CAN do yet in 3.5 yrs