Looks like we're stuck getting our gear from the league store (POLL)

EDIT BY OP: JB edited and removed the screencap of him commenting on the matter in the I Am Negan Line chat for… I don’t know why. You can infer the gist of it though.
Well, looks like any (if any) gear events are going to be very far and few between. This of course raises the question; Is the league store enough to keep you set for gear?

  • Yes, I can get all the gear I need there
  • Yes, I guess I can scrounge enough to get by
  • No, I’m going to come up a little short
  • No, that’s NOWHERE near enough

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Me personally; I’m completely screwed.
I always go way harder on faction tourneys than solo ones so the league points from those is quite underwhelming, thus I haven’t moved up ranks. Even so I’ve managed to remain nicely nestled around Platinum III or IV the entire stretch so far.
But the real problem is that my faction transferred regions about mid-October. And we’re still playing catch-up. We were in Diamond II when we transferred and we’re currently slated for silver V.

Currently I’m going to get 1,240 league tokens from faction placement and 5,500 tokens from solo (assuming I don’t drop) for 6,740 a week.
Now, to get a legend to top tier I need 6 epic trait pieces, 6 more epic top tier pieces, 1 GPS and 1 canteen.
2,400 * 6 + 6,000 * 6 + 18,600 + 18,600 = 87,600 league tokens.
87,600 / 6,740 = 12.997 (rounding to 13)
That’s 13 weeks or about 3 months for one tier of one character. That is insane.
Even with the occasional event or roadmap handing out 1 or 2 pieces of epic gear I’m still coming up way short. (Side note; event gear has been WAY out of wack in terms of proportions. I have way too many radios and watches and nowhere near enough of the basic epic gear, namely sports gauntlets or top tier gear, namely GPSs. How do you have shortages above and below those pieces? That makes no goddamn sense)

I know JB has mentioned that once season 2 ends they’ll implement a season so faction can keep their rank when transferring, but unless it supports covering the massive loses people had over seasons 1 and 2, I’m screwed.


I put “going to come up a little short” because it’s not like I get new characters all the time. The free ones I get are, most of the time, not worth using gear on and when I try to pull for them I get useless sh!t.


it was never enough. the greed will consume you all. its to expensive to buy a single gps

Seems like an other reason to stop pulling. No gear, on top of the wheels being super aweful


So then Legendary Gear maps was just a lie, like many other statements said to the player base?

Leagues depot doesn’t cut it. Not by a damn long shot.


I got a canteen and GPS today for $3.99 each…

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18.6k each for canteens and gps is outrageous. At that rate I will never be able to afford a single one.

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its nowhere near enough. i put the game down a short time after 6* came out for a month or two then someone told me they had museum collections for gear so i came back(my mistake i know, lol). at the current state, i have 18 6* that are gear restricted, and im not speaking in the sense that i cant t4 all of them. some of them are stuck at t2. we also transfered which screwed our faction placement, but am also more of a team event instead of solo guy. i have 14908 league tokens, and 20948 season. i have 1 canteen and 0 gps. i cant even t4 1 toon right now because i cant afford a gps. its getting to the point where gear is getting rediculous. its been over a year now since 6* came out. we need gear maps. they obviously wont be farmable because they killed that (in the sense of farming what you want and hoping for crates) but anything is better then nothing at this point. league store should be where you buy the EXCESS gear you need. we dont even have a baseline to be able to consider excesss.


Well their idea has failed big time…

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Wow, I expected it to be lop-sided in favor of not enough, but I didn’t expect it to 92% lop-sided!
@JB.Scopely could you please pass this on to the dev team? We’re going to need some serious changes going forward, be it greatly reducing gear costs, increasing the league points given or just cutting your loses and moving back to museum events.


They will be doing none of this. Grind for months to level up one toon or pay for it in the store. Those are our options.

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I have 6 canteens and 6 GPSs and I’m sitting here only having enough gear to get 1 green 6 star to tier 4. This is getting really ridiculous.


What a Joke.

I buy the Mod Boxes because the price is better.

Shouda just ■■■■■■■ called it the Gear store…

Oh wait we have that.
But none of the 6 star gear is there.

So Spending league points on Gear…


Watch this space as legendary gear maps become available for survivors club subscribers only with a special radio



Any comment on this @JB.Scopely

if any of the dev’s paid anything more than lip service to playing the game they’d know the gear shortage is ridiculous.

This is nowhere near a steady supply of gear


I can’t believe the vote count is low can you all add this to chats & let’s push these numbers. I think this is being grossly overlooked.

Bump this!

It’s not. Gear in the offers tab is evidence enough