Looking to transfer

Possibly looking to transfer. Any suggestions on where to go? I won’t be solo it’s me and my girlfriend

What kind of region you’re looking for? (:

Married couple has helped me colead the last two years, not one single issue. Ever. Wonderful people.

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Handcuffs are dangerous

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Drop d for raids. Crit agreement and active

Estamos procurando 1(um) para facção top #2, região thomas ES , analisamos o candidato primeiro.

I say go to bùtts.

Cause then you can say…i’m in bùtts !

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Come to colbert we have all of these things.

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You don’t have bùtts…

I’m transferring to Jenkins join me if you like! :slight_smile:

I got friends in Jenkins

Sorry I need a English region lol I have no idea what you said

Do you have a line recruiting chat?

Talbot has some decent mid level and decent top level facs, new actives always welcome

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Sure whats your line name?


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Facts (7 characters)

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Dallas is a nice region shares crits drop d ect

Line recruiting chats are trash. Go scout. Put effort into your transfer.