Looking to transfer to 1b faction

Looking to transfer to 1b region looking for faction

I’m in darlington with chungas legacy. We are pretty active, rank around 10 in events and like to war. Have spots and looking for recruits

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Looking for strong group lol maybe can do 10th solo haha

Whatever you say pal, I hit all my milestones every event.

Ooooof man that was a low blow. Youll be hard pushed to figure what 1b fac is top now as a lot are leaving. Just wait and see and don’t trash talk facs offering you places - never goes down well…and they could end up being #1 after transfers

Goodluck xx


Ill take a faction that tells jokes and has a good time over one that expects you to coin up every event then boots you when they find someone who forked up an extra 10 bucks


@undeadjohn1234 I’m sry lol came out wrong I’m sure you guys are great but just a little more competitive is my style of play is all

Come to Permaculture in Jeff Davis 1b. We’re rank 6 right now in region. Mostly ftp but we fight hard together. We have members all over the world so war goes day & night. Come meet our family.

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