Looking to transfer open to suggestions

Looking for somewhere for me and my girlfriend to play. So does your region have a weapon agreement if so what is the agreement? Do you drop defense during raids?

that’s me


Good luck Kingpin!

We low stack crits, lowering is a contentious topi, some do, some dont. looking for active players. What time zone are you in?

Est but I do most of my warring after 11pm since I work nights

I’m in the #1 faction in our region. We have craft sharing. Lowered def on solo raids. We go 1st in fac events but we also vote for placement if prizes are meh and people want to take breaks. We have 2 spots available for active players. PM if interested.

Are you still looking?

Yes I am

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Sorry been busy what region

We are in troup. Blood sweat and beers. My line is derekwalkingdead

Sent a pm

Join Decatur. Look for Something To Fear. We’d love to have you both. :slight_smile:

now’s the perfect time to scout, see how the special territories are

um i think he found a faction 11 months ago

How do you get out of Wave 1A regions?? I’ve heard you can’t outbound transfer is this true? And if so, why?!

You don’t , they made it so the middle class and lower class couldn’t run from the elite . You can however see about transferring to a region where the ruling class aren’t too nuts, that’s about as good as you can do

You transfer to 1B in early 2020, no other option thus far

Any date yet @GR.Scopely for transfers to open. Is there no other way of transferring sooner? A small window sometime before the end of the year would be very helpful to many players stuck waiting

I’m in a 3a region, which my faction recently transferred into. It’s competitive but F2P have won solo events (raids and SR). We share crits beautifully by calling them in gc, which before joining, I thought would never work but does. It’s a breath of fresh air after my last region. No trolls, no drama and very active. PM me if you’re interested

I will have more information to share with the community on this by the beginning of the next year.

So nothing like a small window before the end of the year for players stuck waiting @GR.Scopely?