Looking to join a faction

New player, looking to join a faction. Only level 8 but rising. Team is b and working to level up, need active faction to assist :slight_smile:️ Reside in the US and English speaker. Play daily in the am and pm eastern standard time.

What region are you in?

Yhea we cant help ya out unless we know what region your from

Why go to the forums to say this? Just do this in your regions global chat


So myself and some of my faction members are trying to find the best region to transfer to. Schley is dying…We have a range of level and rep players…Want a region with a minimum of 20 active factions or more per war and faction events…Would love any feedback I can get

We are in Chattahooche region. We are looking for active players. The New Found Order. We look forward to hearing from you. We take new players as long as they are very active.