Looking to build the best possible attack teams

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andrea (lead) dale hershel michonne (disarm) and julie/mirabelle/maggie/ryker. you should ascend one of them (maybe all of them if you can) because they are usefull especially michonne(disarm)

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Saw Bluechonne L1T1 aaaaand I’m out, I can do nothing for you.


For sure ascend Bluechonne

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I would use Eric, Bl Michonne, Princess, Alpha, and hopefully soon Regina. Keep in mind you’ll have to redo your mods.

Blue Andrea lead - lead skill huge ap and attack to all ranged, Dale support, michonne disarm, magna shield and Julie decap. Give magna shield an impair when attacked weapon with hp and defence, buff her up with mods and give her a reflect damage mod, this way she will protect your toons on offence from being ap drained, stunned, confused etc. If you have a 20% ap weapon - blue - it works decent with Andrea as it’ll let her rush turn 3 without using dale command, but can also just use a straight attack weapon. Dale, utilize his active skill to focus the whole team and do 100% heal reduction. Use his rush to defence down the opponent by -60% which sets up decaps for Julie. Michonne is your disarm, level her ASAP. Disarm will make a safe target so you can build ap! Give her a crit chance mod and crit damage set if you can, she will output more damage this way especially with a rush that does 2 basic attacks. Her confuse on her weapon is also very valuable.

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Max tara out she’s the best attack


No michelle?

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Amber hit hard want to get that to t4

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Thanks all alot of good info… just got blue michonne … have been working on whats already there … and absolutely going to level her next

A New threat dwight, 3 disarm michonnes and holly

Blue michonne will make a big difference disarm is a must, in today’s meta its best to make her a tank rather than for killing.

Pairing up Dale and alpha is your strongest setup one good leader skill is all that’s needed.

Not all your toons are in the pics which makes it harder to give a honest team pick.

Garrett lead (heal reduction) Dale(debuff for alpha) shiva(crowd control) hershel (focus + attack/crit buff) and alpha 3rd turn should decap this is a slow team. Plus 2 stun on attack 2 on def.

Andrea sc lead, Dale, alpha, rick(focus + attack) but only ar attack after alpha has used ar. Regina (decap) again 3 til 4 turns before your killing teams.

Because you have Dale getting tyresse decap will empty teams. Magna, michonne and any other support or Regina decap.

What do y’all think of this team I do have red gov and planning to get Earl for his disarm but don’t who to take out

Everyonereally missing out…damn shame lol

Amber is your main piece. No other toon is even close.

Andrea sc lead
Guardian rick
Blue michonne

All the “whales” use amber set ups to destroy the top setups