Looking past Prestige 13


@JB.Scopely now that the level cap has been extended, has there been any talks of extending the Prestige cap of 13? There’s been a lot of players that hit the cap over a year ago and continue to spend. I would think that this would be a good time to move the cap forward.


But why


I wouldn’t wanna be buying things at prestige 13 and not getting any prestige. Then again those people shouldn’t be paying if they worry about that.


Fair enough. I agree. There’s so much more they could do, too.




Because technically still buying prestige points that go nowhere once you are p13


I for one have wondered the same thing. And if they do extend it, they really need to retro the points earned since hitting 13 at the cap. Like they did when they first introduced prestige and backdated it to what you would have had from spending before it was a thing.


Give us more points for daily log in (like 1500 for 7day log in) then they can incrace prestige lvl cap.


I don’t think increasing daily points should be the sole reason the increase the prestige cap from 13. As ForumLurker mentioned, people are getting prestige points and once they hit 13, it goes no where. Increasing daily points would mean nothing to someone that has hit p13 because it doesn’t add to anything going forward.


So give us those points as milestones reward and remove some shity elite tokens.


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