Looking for US, Asian & Aussie time zone people


Can’t assume everyone is a punk, right?


Sure you can.
But that’s not a very good lifestyle, is it?


Nope it isnt


Hope you have an excellent day.


As well as you.


Are you recruiting or want to migrate?


Playing on Fairfield looking for a faction that is into raiding and uses phone chat cheers
Lvl 25
S2 so far


Recruiting only


How American we talking? New York or Boston


Time zone wise only lol


Let’s wait what he’s about to pay :smirk:


Still looking


Lvl 25 s2+ in fairfax looking for a more active faction the one im in now has maybe 5 or 6 active members makes it difficult to do events. Im an aussie


I dont believe you’re an Aussie. You didn’t say c u n t once in any of your posts.


Nah dont use that word


A wookie? Sorry my inner star wars came out


Still looking


Still have spots