Looking for top faction will travel


Seasoned active us player looking for top faction that fairs well in both crw & regular war. Prefer a faction that doesnt have a major revolving door of people leaving.


BUMP! If I found a home i will say here…


Top 3 only care about placement in wars.


Maybe VIN?


I have a top 3 in Barrow where there are no whale facs and a top 8 in Colbert where the competition is off the chain. If either sound interesting, hit me up. My crew has been together for a couple of years, more or less. Stability is what we do.


I’m from Colbert too and that’sthe best place if you ask me. It’s my 4th region and I find it to be the best due to its atmosphere. All middle factions are good too.


Haha Bane, come on now I’ve already talked to about this…:joy::joy::joy:



Thanks guys


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