Looking for some active players

When/if transfers open up of course but we are looking for some active players who can hit milestones in events. The big thing is war, we have a war schedule with 2 hour intervals where you choose the times you can war, for example, 12am-2am Saturday, 2am-4am Saturday, 5pm-7pm Saturday, 1am-3am Sunday, etc. This has worked well for us, we dont ask people to body since theirs no need, we dont have people fighting for spots and trying to hit milestones, runs much more smooth than the normal war way. We place top 10 easy in CRW, last CRW we placed 7 and would like to get to top 5 again, we have lost some players due to real life and due to the things scopely is doing to the game, hoping to get a head start on recruiting some active strong players. Send me a message on here if interested and we can talk more.


This is what the war schedule looks like basically. We fill in 30 seconds, no bodys, no fighting for spots, just war.


Can we just talk about puppies and life?


No, just looking for some serious players who are active.

This is way too serious. All of this to get Vincent? Man you are really hardcore.


No, not to get vincent, this is the way we run war, it works better than sitting to fill for an hour asking for a body, everything runs smooth. Understandable not all want to play at this or other levels, if so then that is fine, we are looking to replace some hitters we lost recently and hopefully we do get a good pull from wheels and not Vincent lol but its not really about that for us, we just like to fight.

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I like to love.

Maybe the schedule is what’s stopping you from breaking into the top 5 for crw

Just kidding. I know you are aiming at Jeremiah.

You gotta find players who would really 100% prioritize RTS above RL. It takes just one slacker for the whole shift to be stuck at 7/8.

Been there. Done that.
But if it works thats great!

Nope, we have done this for years and has worked fine, as i said we lost some players and looking to replace them.

No, we have our ways to fill, if someone slacks that is ok, real life is important, we war non stop, like 30 second fill times, we have had things in the past many times were someone couldnt keep the times they picked and it was fine.

Fair play to guys Then wasn’t a dig or nothing but just seems like to much work for war we just have fun and smash some play for many hours others pop on when they can and we bump people in if needed then if on Sunday people are still needing a little bit for milestones we will give then gen and hold back on canning so they can push for what try need … off topic anyways good luck hope you get some great people for your faction :slight_smile:

I cant stand that tho lol took me awhile to get used to the schedule and the way we war but i love it, i hated sitting for 30 min, sometimes hours asking for someone to body, one fac i was in, no joke sat for like 4 hours in que lol having flashbacks of it now :crazy_face:

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If it works it works that’s great everybody has there own tactic so I understand :slight_smile: and dam that’s horrible that must of been so frustrating lol lucky we don’t have any issues like that haha

Yea if it works it works, before i found this fac i was hopping around, one fac i said i would join just to help for war, worst experience in war ive ever had lol

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What region are you in and when they open I’ll be up for it how2

Who cares about this games really we’ve been treated like garbage for too long, no one should play until they fix the game

May I ask How2Apply for a spot?


@Misschief :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Bumbity bumb bumb

I dont think playing a game should feel like a job, but it is teamwork none the less. I war because i want to, not because i have to… but in all seriousness, the way scopley have been lately? I dont really want to anymore…